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Gnome-Pie cool app launcher

Gnome-Pie is a really cool app launcher with high usability.
Forgot the stupid search of your favorite application, create your own pies and choose them by a simple hot-key. Continue reading ‘Gnome-Pie cool app launcher’

Ubuntu ipv6 fail

On June 8, 2011 was world IPv6 day and I shared some VPS boxes. Only one guy wants Ubuntu 11.04 – no problem he get it.

I was painfully remembered that has still some problems with AAAA record for… They have no records:) Continue reading ‘Ubuntu ipv6 fail’

Nagios/Icinga Traffic-Light

Nagios and Icinga have a lot of notification opportunities, receive status via Mail, SMS, Twitter or maybe XMPP? Sometimes is it not easy to decide what you really need and what is better for your quick reaction.

If you have more than one monitor it is easy to overlook an important mail, or your mobile phone is in silent mode and you don’t know that you get a critical notification.

If you are a webmaster and you are working a lot with your browser – there is a solution for Mozilla Firefox with terrible wake up sounds – called Nagios Checker for Mozilla Firefox:
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Ubuntu: freenx server installation

Next Generation Remote Display – NX is an exciting new technology for remote display. It provides near local speed application responsiveness over high latency, low bandwidth links.

Was tested on Ubuntu 10.10 Codenamed “Maverick Meerkat”. Works on Debian 6 too;)

Edit your source list or create a new one:

vim /etc/apt/sources.list.d/freenx.list

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Icinga with Lighttpd

Some days ago I wrote a similar post about nagios and lighty, now I decided to test Icinga on Debian Squeeze.

The installation was pretty easy:

aptitude install lighttpd
aptitude install icinga

To use Icinga we need following modules:

  • mod_cgi
  • mod_auth
  • mod_setenv
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    Install Grub from chroot

    The simple way to install grub/ grub2 from any linux live-CD or any other bootable medium.

    Step 1: boot from linux live CD/DVD or even USB
    Step 2: mount your hdd
    Step 3: chroot in the mounted filesystem
    Step 3: install grub
    Step 4: reboot

    fdisk -l
    mount /dev/sda1 /mnt/
    mount -t proc none /mnt/proc
    mount -o bind /dev /mnt/dev
    mount -t sysfs sys /mnt/sys
    chroot /mnt/ /bin/bash
    /usr/sbin/grub-install --recheck --no-floppy /dev/sda
    sync & reboot

    SUSE Syntax:
    update-grub is debian and ubuntu little helper this execute the same as:

    grub2-install --recheck --no-floppy /dev/sda
    grub2-mkconfig -o /boot/grub2/grub.cfg

    Roundcube performance

    There are many configuration options with inpact on performance in Roundcube and behind it (Database and Webserver). As Roundcube installation administrator you can set them to some defaults and prevent users to change them by using the ‘dont_override‘ option.

    I tested some options and created my tiny boost list.
    Here’s the list of options with impact on performance

    Messages listing is a main task of a mail client. Sorting is expensive. First of all you should use an IMAP server with SORT capability. If message list displaying is still too slow you should set ‘message_sort_col’ to an empty string.
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