XMPP bring jabber server to live


Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP) is an open XML technology for real-time communication, which powers a wide range of applications. Monitoring such as Icinga notifications or alive ping from a mobile phone.

Installation of ejabberd instant messaging server for XMPP:
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Upgrading openSUSE 13.1 to openSUSE 13.2

openSUSE 13.2

Some days ago was release a new version of openSUSE with a huge list of new feature.
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MTR for Mac OS X

MTR Logo

One of the best tools to verify network connectivity after ping. Its a kind of combination between ping and traceroute. It shows you all host on your way (dependent on routing). Personal I find the packet loss overview very helpful especially if you have problems with your ****ing ISP.

You can get the MTR self installer for MAC OS X: here

Command syntax:


Repairing Samsung SyncMaster 245B


After turning on the monitor no kind of video output (VGA/DVI). Screen is black power-on button lighting blue but nothing more happens.

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GestióIP – IP address management

GestióIP is an automated, Web based IP address management (IPAM) software. It features powerful network discovery functions and offers search and filter functions for both networks and host, permitting Internet Search Engine equivalent expressions. This lets you find the information that administrators frequently need easily and quickly. GestióIP also incorporates an automated VLAN management system.

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Hetzner /28 Subnet with KVM


Subnet configuration on a Hetzner dedicated root server (EX40) is a bit tricky than a normal additional single ip addresses that you can buy for 1EUR. So I wrote the configuration down: Continue reading ‘Hetzner /28 Subnet with KVM’

Etherpad installation

Etherpad Logo

Etherpad is great tool for daily usage which improves productivity of your co workers and your team.

So I wrote this step by step 5 Minute installation guide.
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